Clang! Bang! Clang! 

Unintendedly and unfortunately Nara destroyed everything because of her clumsy hands.
Friends making fun of her, mommy telling her off, it seems so far to get to her dream of becoming a great scientist.

It was not like that before, when her mommy was her best friend!
If mommy is too busy, I can go to her.

"I want to grow up and become an adult.

So I can be the best friend with my mommy.”

THUD! Suddenly a red closet falls from the sky, one appears from the inside.
The Superstar of the Universe, 


“Bring me something fun! 

I will make your dream come true."

Fun are Super Clo’s fuel and food.
Nara’s journey with Super Clo to find fun begins.
Will Nara help Super Clo to find enough fun and make her dream come true?