BRUSH Theatre based in Seoul, South Korea, presents live performance internationally. We are working passionately on ‘Theatre for Young Audiences’
B103&104, 130, Gwangnaru-ro, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea 04788
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BRUSH is a delightful and inventive family show directly from Korea. Paintings are drawn live on stage and brought to life before your eyes to tell a fascinating story filled with quirky characters, live music, silly dance moves, put-to-life puppets and a company of engaging performers.

BRUSH is an enchanting tale of a lonely little boy Daesung, who asks his mother for his very own little brother. One day, Mom sends Daesung on a journey to grandmother’s house where his best friend Dalbong, the pig lives. But even Dalbong can’t make Daesung happy. So grandmother shares a secret with him. If Daesung finds the three forest fairies and make them laugh, they will make his wish come true! Follow Daesung and Dalbong on a magical adventure as they conquer gigantic flowers, frightening mountains and the Grand Old Guardian himself.



Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2014

Won the Asian Arts Award Best Production

10th ASSITEJ Korea Winter Festival

Won the Director’s Award and Best Actor’s Award


- Toured Chiayi, Taitung and Yilan in Taiwan 2018 - Weiwuying Children's Festival 2018, Taiwan - Madrid Teatralia Festival 2018, Spain - Performing Arts Market in Seoul 2017, Korea - National Gugak Center 2017, Korea - On The Edge Festival 2016, UK - Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2015, UK - Kingston Welcomes Korea Festival 2015, UK - Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2014, UK - K-vox Festival 2014, France
Duration: 55 mins
Audience suitability: Age 3+, family
Venue Capacity: Best 500 / Max 900
Minimum Stage Size: W9 * D6 * H4 (m)
*It can be changed by condition

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