BRUSH Theatre based in Seoul, South Korea, presents live performance internationally. We are working passionately on ‘Theatre for Young Audiences’
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Little Musician

Little Musician is a new adaptation of a fairy tale from Central Asia. With live strumming of Korea’s traditional string instrument Gayageum on stage, the show reveals Central Asia’s boundless nature by stimulating our imagination and awakening our senses. This creative environment reminds us about the small things that matter, like family and sunshine.

It’s a cold winter day, and a street kid named Movich is trying to sleep at an alley. Just then, a ray of sunshine warms the alley and leads Movich to the crowded streets. Movich starts playing the flute but nobody seems to be welcoming as the sun. Only the sunshine gently warms Moivch in the shivering streets like a mother. Oh no! Now the sun is going down but Movich doesn’t want the sunshine to leave. So she starts a journey in following the sun. Will she be able to meet the sunshine?



Komanaru Theatre Festival 2017 , Korea

A silver statue, A directing award

the 24th international theater festival of children&youth 2017

Won the Director’s Award, Best Actor’s Award, Music Award and Stage Award


- Assitej Korean Winter Festival 2018, Korea - the 24th international theater festival of children&youth 2017, Iran - ACC&KF National Library of Vishkek 2017, Kyrgyzstan - PAMS CHOICE Seoul Art Market 2017, Korea - Assitej Korea Winter Festival 2017, Korea
Audience suitability: Age 4+, family
Venue Capacity: Best 400 / Max 800
Touring Member: 7
Minimum Stage Size: W9 * D6 * H4 (m)
*It can be changed by condition

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