BRUSH Theatre based in Seoul, South Korea, presents live performance internationally. We are working passionately on ‘Theatre for Young Audiences’
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Lord of the Flies

A plane with boys on its way to a school trip crashes into the sea. Ralph, Jack, Piggy and a group of boys who survived land on a deserted island. As the boys wait to be rescued, Ralph takes authority in governing the boys. However, trouble begins as Jack disagrees with Ralph, and persuades the group in to hunting. Jack leaves the group with Roger and some other boys, forming a new gang. One day, Simon gets killed by Jack’s gang and a “beast” somewhere in the island scare the boys to leave Ralph and follow Jack. All orders of the island are broken as Jack and Roger become more savage and even kill Piggy. Just when Jack tries to kill Ralph as well, a helicopter comes to the rescue. Ralph and most of the boys take the helicopter but Jack refuses to leave the island and stays.



Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2014

Won the Asian Arts Award Best Production

10th ASSITEJ Korea Winter Festival

Won the Director’s Award and Best Actor’s Award


- Won the Best Production Award in Korea Theatre Award 2015
Duration: 60 minutes
Audience suitability: Age 10+, School students
Venue Capacity: Best 400 / Max 1000
Touring Member: 12
Minimum Stage Size: W12 * D10 * H5 (m)
*It can be changed by condition

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