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The Little Musician

The Little Musician is a live musical theatre, new adaption of a fairy tale in Central Asia.

“When will a brave person come to the world? If that, brave person is me?”

One winter day, dark and cold are coming to world because sunshine is freezing. Little musician begins walking to save the world that lost light. She has nothing except just one flute.

The journey is made by vivid live-sound simulating the audience’s imagination. The show is filled by ingenious ideas. The yellow wood boards become sunshine, the bubble wrap becomes the twinkle snowy filed and the plastic bag becomes transparent ices. The audience will experience the analog fantasy.

The Little Musician will remind us of the real meaning of sunshine and relationship.



Komanaru Theatre Festival 2017 , Korea

A silver statue, A directing award

the 24th international theater festival of children&youth 2017

Won the Director’s Award, Best Actor’s Award, Music Award and Stage Award


- K-musical load Show Shanghai, 2019, China - china children's theatre beijing 2019, China - Theatr clywd Festival 2019, UK - Assitej Korean Winter Festival 2019, Korea - China SPAF 2018, Shanghai, China - PAMS CHOICE Seoul Art Market 2018, Korea - Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2018 at Assembly ROXY, UK - ACC&KF The Youth Theatre of Uzbekistan 2018, Uzbekistan - Assitej Korean Winter Festival 2018, Korea - the 24th international theater festival of children&youth 2017, Iran - ACC&KF National Library of Vishkek 2017, Kyrgyzstan - PAMS CHOICE Seoul Art Market 2017, Korea - Assitej Korea Winter Festival 2017, Korea


Audience suitability: Age 4+, family
Venue Capacity: Best 400 / Max 800
Touring Member: 7
Minimum Stage Size: W9 * D6 * H4 (m)
*It can be changed by condition

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