BRUSH Theatre based in Seoul, South Korea, presents live performance internationally. We are working passionately on ‘Theatre for Young Audiences’
B103&104, 130, Gwangnaru-ro, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea 04788
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<YAO YAO> is a playful blend of reality and imagination by using magical screen art technology and live music.

YAO is a mischievous little girl who loves playing with her Dad. But every morning Daddy has to dress up in his suit, pick up his briefcase and go to work.
YAO, unhappy with Daddy’s departure grabs his overcoat and accidentally pulls a thread that leads to the start of a magical world of adventure and discovery.
Join YAO on her ingenious journey to find out what’s waiting for her at the end of the thread…



23th international theater festival of children&youth

Most Popular performance and the Best performance award

10th ASSITEJ Korea Winter Festival

Won the Director’s Award and Best Actor’s Award

40th IPAY Showcase Official Selection 2018, USA

IPAY Showcase Official Selection


- Beijing ASSITEJ Artistic gathering 2018, China - 40th IPAY Showcase Official Selection 2018, USA - Toured Chennai, Bangalore, Cochin in India, 2017 - Cradle of Creativity, 19th ASSITEJ World Congress & Festival 2017, South Africa - 23rd International Children and Youth Theater 2016, Iran - DotGo Children’s Art Festival 2016, Taiwan - Toured Shenzhen and Chongqing in China, 2016 - Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2015, UK
Duration: 50 minutes
Audience suitability: Age 2+, family
Venue Capacity: Best 300 / Max 600
Touring Member: 4
Minimum Stage Size: W7 * D4 * H4 (m)
*It can be changed by condition

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