Musical Theatre

Best 400 / Max 800

50 Minutes

Stage W9 x L6 x H4 (m)

Ages 4+, Family

9 Touring Members

"Do you think I can find the Sun?"

An imaginative musical production inspired by a story from Central Asia. Follow Movich on her journey to find and bring back the Sun to the cold and freezing Winter Land.

The journey is presented with amazing musical and theatrical compositions, along with on-stage live foley sounds and ingenious ideas to create the scenery.

Huge bubble wraps turns into frozen lake, the air filled plastic bags become the heavy ice blocks and the yellow woodboards become the bright and warm sunlights to thaw everyone's hearts.


"Three of the best shows for children"

Recommended Show

"Very good and interesting, imaginative family show"


"A dream-like universe filled with beautiful imagination"


K-Musical Road Show 2019, Shanghai, China

Children's Theatre Beijing, 2019, China

Theatr Clwyd Festival 2019, UK

ASSITEJ Korea, Winter Festival 2019, Korea

Uijeongbu Int’l Musical Theatre Festival 2019, Korea

China SPAF 2018, Shanghai, China

PAMS Choice Official Showcase 2018, Korea

Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2018, Assembly, UK

ACC&KF, The Youth Theatre, 2018, Uzbekistan

Assitej Korean Winter Festival 2018, Korea

The 24th International Theater Festival of Children & Youth 2017, Iran

ACC&KF, National Library of Bishkek, 2017, Kyrgyzstan

PAMS Choice Official Showcase 2017, Korea

Gomanaru Theatre Festival 2017, Korea

ASSITEJ Korea, Winter Festival 2017, Korea

Gomanaru Theatre Festival 2017, Korea

Silver Award | Best Director

The 24th International Theatre Festival of Children & Youth 2017, Iran

Best Director | Best Actor | Best Music | Best Stage Design


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