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Immersive Theatre

Best 100 / Max 200

55 Minutes

Stage W15 x L10 x H7 (m)

Ages 4+, Family

14 Touring Members

All of a sudden, everything vanished and

       the world became the Kingdom of Nothing!

An immersive theatre production for young audiences, takes you into your dreams where everything becomes nothing, and nothing becomes everything you can imagine.

The Kingdom of Nothing wipes the barrier between the stage and the audience, everyone will experience and take part to create the world together.

   "Are you still there? ...Good!

    The ship has arrived in front of us.

    Let's hop in and sail out to the unknown adventure,

    here in the Kingdom of Nothing."


Erwin Maas

Collaborate Director

In the theatre, “Nothing” is an empty space,

that provokes imagination and dreams,

you can explore and see how much is in the “Nothing”.

Guy de Lancey

Collaborate Designer

You cannot walk in the jungle, with a ticket to the zoo.

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