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Musical Theatre

Best 400 / Max 800

70 Minutes

Stage W9 x L6x H4 (m)

Ages 3+, Family

11 Touring Members

He is an 'ugly' kid

               with horns on his head and tails on his hips. 


Born differently from others, Hi is confronted by how the villagers think of him and the ominous rumors surrounding him.

‘Why do I look different from everyone else?’

Hi, who was agonizing, shouted, 'I am a dragon!' and visited the land of dragons with his sister Lowe to find out the secrets of his birth.

Finally arrived in the land of dragons.
How is the view in front of Hi and Lowe?!
Will the siblings be able to find dragons and the unravel secrets?

We invite you to a mysterious but all warm adventure!

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