Musical Theatre

Best 400 / Max 800

50 Minutes

Stage W9 x L6x H4 (m)

Ages 3+, Family

11 Touring Members

To love yourself.

A story you want to tell the little ones,

                                                                                          and the grown ups.

Little ‘Hi’ has antlers on his head and a tail on his bottom. He sees and hears people oddly staring and talking about him. “Why am I so different?”

‘Hi’ suddenly shouts out “I am a dragon!” and runs out to find about himself in the Dragon World, and his little sister ‘Low’ secretly follows him.


The adventure flies with live band music and the giant dragons. Live puppetry, projection and shadow plays overspreading on the giant screen covering the stage, it takes you to the mythical friends.


It’s okay to be different.

A warmhearted story teaches you to love yourself.