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immersive Theatre


interactive performance

65 Minutes

Stage W15 x L15x H8 (m)

Ages 7+, Family

18 Touring Members

Let’s go for this spectacle!

It’s all about communicating with the audience  and enjoying together Immersive Experience Theater GRAVITY SPACE!

“In the whole universe,
  there is nothing that will disappear forever.”

Everything you imagine turns into reality With AI CON
Let’s go into space and have a thrilling experience!

 The spectacle that is hard to see in the universe,
The mysterious scene of the explosion !
To see the exact moment by herself, LILA, the stowaway, sneaked into the spaceship.
LILA was discovered by AI CON, but found the secrets inside the spaceship.

Those secrets put the entire spaceship in danger…
Will LILA be able to witness the exact moment of the explosion?
The brilliant video and the actors’ excellent acting skills,
To stimulate the imagination. This will be the fantastic performance that you’ve never seen before!

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